Cactus Terrarium Candle

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A small little wax cactus garden inside a sweet.  Almost too good to burn, but you can if you want!  Each soy terrarium candle is unique with a different assortment of cactus, each one will have at least one tall cactus and 2 smaller styles within the jar.

It has an amazing scent of cactus flower captured with a blend of bergamot, fresh white flowers, green cactus stems, sunkissed coconut and soft woods.

Each glass jar is 4.25" tall and 3 inches wide, and comes with a bamboo wood top with rubber gasket. There is 5.5 ounces of way, including the cacti.

If you choose to burn the candle, keep the wick at the current length do not trim, it needs to be longer to account for the extra cactus wax.  As the tallest cactus starts to melt, remove it from the jar before it topples over and extinguishes the flame.  If it does fall, it can easily be scooped out, to unbury the wick.